Waterbrush Lettering for Beginners

Learn the very specific strokes and how to form letters properly when using a waterbrush pen for lettering. Use a fun and easy lower case and upper case alphabet to start learning. Enjoy live demonstration on how to write the alphabet for you to start building your own variations of lettering. Enjoy bonuses designed to help you learn how to form the letters for both lower and upper case alphabets quickly and easily! I also walk you through 3 different examples of how I plan out and letter quotes!

  • 1

    Welcome to Learn Brush Lettering Using a Waterbrush / Brush for Beginners

  • 2

    Tools that I you will need

    • A list of tools for you to reference

    • Let's get to know our tools

  • 3

    How to use watercolor paints

    • In this video, I will teach you how to work with watercolor paints

  • 4

    Important how-to's for using watercolor paints and brush

    • Watercolor and brush - important how to's

  • 5

    How to use Waterbrushes

    • Understanding how to use waterbrushes

  • 6

    The essential strokes to learn and warm-up with

    • Let's warm up as we learn essential brush strokes and brush control

  • 7

    Learn a fun and stylized Modern Calligraphy Alphabet

    • This is how to use a waterbrush for modern calligraphy lettering

  • 8

    Learn an alternate style of a Calligraphy Alphabet

    • Let's play around with an alternate style of the alphabet

  • 9

    Bold brush lettered alphabet

    • Bold lettering as I show you the upper case alphabet

    • Another Upper Case Alphabet Example

  • 10

    Learn exactly how to go about lettering a quote

    • Learn how to letter a quote as I show you how I letter "celebrate every tiny victory"

  • 11

    Lettering another quote for you to learn more about my process

    • Learn how to letter "all we have is now"

  • 12

    Let's add some flourish and style to a short quote next

    • Learn how to letter "be you" adding flourish and style

  • 13

    You made it!

    • Well done!

    • Congratulations!

  • 14


    • Waterbrush Instruction Guide - great for reference when you've completed the class

Bonus material

As a part of this class, I have included my full guide to Learning Waterbrush lettering for beginners as well as the complete workbook with even more practice to help your brush lettering practice and journey! VALUED AT $15 With this course, you will get access to; * Video modules showing you the exact tips and tricks you need to learn waterbrush lettering quickly and easily * PDF workbooks with instructions reminding you about important tips like; hand position, when to release pressure on the pen and how to correctly form strokes * You will get all the printable tracing sheets you need to get you practicing both upper and lower case alphabets * You will have in-depth instruction explaining how to use your tools and resources *

  • FAQs

    If I'm not artistic, can I still do this class?

    Yes! You don't have to be artistic or have nice handwriting to have success with lettering! Imagine drawing sticks and circles. I teach you how to draw them and practice them over and over again. My own personal hand writing is not pretty or consistent, but my lettering is because of the way I learned it! Which is what I'll teach you!

  • Is access to the course limited?

    No. Once you enrol, you will have access to this class for life even if the course gets updated or the cost of enrolment increases.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes. If you complete the course, do the recommended practice sheets and feel that you haven't learned what I promised with this course, I ask that you email me within 30 days attaching photos of all your practice sheets and the reason for your refund request, and I'll give you a full refund within 2 business days.