Introduction to Modern Calligraphy for beginners

Course will be retired on December 31, 2020.

Dip pen and ink calligraphy can be intimidating! In this class, you'll learn the very specific tips on everything you need to know from, how to form letters properly, how to hold the pen correctly to how to control the nib and ink! Video instruction along with printable tracing worksheets round out this easy & quick calligraphy class! Enjoy live demonstration on how to write the alphabet for you to start building your own variations of lettering. Enjoy bonuses designed to help you learn modern calligraphy quickly and easily with my 30 day plan! Regular price $39 CND

Who this course is designed for

If you're struggling with where to start, this course is made for you!

  • You have very little, to no experience with a dip pen and ink.

  • You need both visual instruction and practice sheets that you can trace.

  • You've always wanted to learn, but don't know where to start.

  • After taking this course, you want to be able to start writing words and quotes, or names and addressing envelopes.

Here's what you can expect when you enrol

A taste for what you can expect & bonuses!

  • 1

    Welcome to class!

    • Introduction to Modern Calligraphy for Beginners using a Dip Pen and Ink online Class

  • 2

    Tools You Will Need

    • Let's look at tools before we get started

  • 3

    Essential Strokes and Warming up

    • Download and print these practice sheets to use as warm-up and practice.

    • Learning essential strokes for modern calligraphy while we begin to warm-up

    • Continuation of important strokes to complete before moving on to the lower case alphabet

  • 4

    The lower case and upper case alphabets

    • Let's learn how to form the letters of the lower case alphabet

    • Upper Case Worksheets - print and use for practice

    • The upper case alphabet

    • A second upper case alphabet to try

  • 5

    NEW! 30 days of calligraphy practice to improve your new skill!

    • 30 days of calligraphy practice plan

    • What a practice session looks like

    • Print this 30 days of calligraphy practice sheet

  • 6

    You made it!

    • You've made it! Remember to practice and grow that muscle memory.

  • 7


    • Some inspiration and fun project ideas for you to try!

    • BONUS GUIDE! Use this guide for quick reference and as a reminder for all the tips that I cover after you have completed the class

    • BONUS TRACING WORKBOOK! The complete workbook with more practice worksheets to help you grow your modern calligraphy skill

    • Another little bonus from me!

    • Another little bonus from me!

  • 8

    Big Congratulations!

    • Big Congratulations!!

Go from complete beginner

to a modern calligraphy savvy!

I'll personally take you through the exact steps to get you from a complete newbie to a modern calligraphy savvy! Join the thousands of students who have taken this class and have started their modern calligraphy journey with me! Get lifetime access to this course & bonuses when you register!

Bonus material

What you will get access to with this course; * Video modules showing you the exact tips and tricks you need to learn modern calligraphy quickly and easily * PDF workbooks with instructions reminding you about important tips like; hand position, when to release pressure on the pen and how to correctly form strokes * Practice both upper and lower case alphabets * You will have in-depth instruction explaining how to use your tools and resources *

  • FAQs

    If I'm not artistic, can I still do this class?

    Yes! You don't have to be artistic or have nice handwriting to have success with lettering! Imagine drawing sticks and circles. I teach you how to draw them and practice them over and over again. My own personal hand writing is not pretty or consistent, but my lettering is because of the way I learned it! Which is what I'll teach you!

  • Is access to the course limited?

    No. Once you enrol, you will have access to this class for life even if the course gets updated or the cost of enrolment increases.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the nature of the content, I can't offer refunds however, if you are having trouble deciding if this class is right for you, please email me at and we can chat about

  • Supplies

    You'll need a dip pen, nib, ink and paper for this class. But don't worry! I'll teach you all about my favorite tools to use to get started with dip pen modern calligraphy!

  • Workbook

    Yes! You get a couple workbooks as well as a bunch of tracing sheets to use as you follow along the video instructions for this class!

  • Practice

    Use everything you learn in this class and practice as often as you can! You'll be lettering quotes and address envelopes like a pro!


What my students are saying about the class

"I loved this class! Have been wanting a clear instruction video after playing around with brushpens and youtube tutorials, this is nice and easy to follow with how to load your pen and assemble your dip pen and I felt like my improvement was quite fast! A wonderful class, I just had to stop the video of the alphabet to do full lines of each letter (of course) but now I have the basics down and feel more confident to practice on my own. Thank you!” "This class exceeded my expectations! Thank you!"

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