How to paint a Modern Watercolor Floral Bouquet

Learn how to plan, compose & paint a modern floral bouquet.

Painting a single flower is quite simple once you've learned how. Composing a floral bouquet can be daunting project when you don't know where to start. In this class, we will learn how to choose a color palette that speaks to you, plan the composition of your bouquet, sketch your approach to painting, and finally, we will paint our modern watercolor floral bouquet in two ways. You will enjoy this fun, approachable way that I paint and plan, each and every floral painting!

Here's what you can expect

when you enrol in this class.

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Let's paint a bouquet of flowers together

  • 2

    How to plan the Composition of your Bouquet

    • Studying Composition

  • 3

    All about picking Colors that speak to you

    • Let's start with looking at color stories

    • Mixing your color palette

  • 4

    Sketching the composition of your bouquet

    • How to plan out composition using a Pencil Sketch

    • Sketching in watercolor

  • 5

    Painting your bouquet two ways

    • Painting the bouquet

    • Let's paint the bouquet in a different style

  • 6


    • Final thoughts

Wondering if this class is right for you?

I've designed this class with the beginner in mind and want you to have confidence with exploring modern watercolor. Afterall, painting should be fun, bring you joy, and help you loosen up so you love what you paint and can show it off to friends!

  • You have some experience with watercolors and use your brush like you mean it!

  • You are bored of scrolling through YouTube for the perfect watercolor tutorial!

  • You painted a peony like everyone else, and now want to show them you got skills!

Join the class today!

Get started painting your own modern watercolor floral bouquet!

Meet your teacher

Nicki Traikos


Life I design was born out of passion to live a creative life and from a desire to design things that suited my personal taste and what I wanted to have around me. I am a work-from-home Mom-preneur! My kids are now 18 and 16 and I am blessed to have the freedom and flexibility to pursue my love for all things creativity and art while I teach others to do the same! I am a huge fan of online learning and it's how I've built life i design these last 7 years so I'm excited to help others learn new skills, fall in love with creativity and start their own home-based business! I hope you join me for a class or two! I am excited to be a part of your personal and creative journey!